The New GoPro Mount
for Surf & SUP

Nosebone attaches to the bottom of your board's nose, changing the camera angle and getting you a way cooler shot!

This light-weight camera mount attaches using a high-strength double-sided tape. The attachment area is large enough to support the camera, but streamlined so it doesn't affect your ride.

Nosebone is designed for use in the oceans, rivers and lakes, and is curved to match the rocker of most longboards and paddleboards. While it'll likely fit your funboard or fish, it's not intended for use on a shortboard, so don't go sticking it on your barrel-chasing thruster.

Elliot Dudley surfing with a Nosebone Surf Mount in the UK
Elliot in the UKKaitlin & NilesJohn in Cardiff

What's in the Box?

Each Nosebone comes with everything you need to attach a GoPro to your board: