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UPDATE: Our winner for the drawing is Landon S. – Congrats!

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That’s right, we’re having a FREE Nosebone drawing!

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We’ll pick the winner on June 1, 2017.

Already ordered your Nosebone? No worries – if you win, we’ll refund the purchase price and still send you our awesome mount!


It’s all coming together

I wanna start by saying that starting up a small business takes a lot of work, but so far, it’s a worthwhile process.

I’m happy because today we received the first shipment of tape. Yes, tape. It may seem silly, but that shipment represents the first of several orders from vendors that we’ll be using to put together our Nosebone kits.

3 Nosebone prototypes ready for shipment

It’s even more exciting because with that tape, I was able to finish a few prototype kits to send off to Hawaii to be used in a television show. Which one? I can’t tell you yet, but I’m stoked to say you’ll be seeing the Nosebone on TV soon!


We’re Back!

Hey Everyone!

It’s been nearly a full year since our Kickstarter campaign, and while we didn’t get the funding we wanted at the time, the Nosebone is now in production!

Things are well underway, and we expect to be shipping by early July!

To celebrate, we’re offering $10 off our regular price for all pre-orders.

We’re super excited to get the Nosebone made, and stoked you’re here to check it out. Here’s to a great summer out on the water, hopefully with a ton of Nosebone footage!

– Ian